A 20-year beef porridge shop with strange noodle in An Giang


A 20-year beef porridge shop with strange noodle in An Giang
The cow porridge shop in front of the house of Ms. Yen, Tri Ton district, An Giang is the familiar breakfast address of the local people here. Starting from 6 am, quite a lot of intestinal customers took advantage of calling for “making porridge” before going to work. Many people are familiar with food but rarely get bored. Every day, the shop sells more than 100 bowls, the holidays are more crowded so if you want to eat well, you have to take advantage of going early.


The owner of the beef porridge is Ms. Hong Yen who has been with the profession for nearly 20 years. She shared, every day wake up at 4:30 to prepare ingredients such as beef, beef, vegetables …. Please wash thoroughly with salt water to avoid getting foul. Particularly, porridge pot must be stewed for 1 hour for puree. The cow’s heart is put into the pot at the same time as the rice to boil softly because of the long heart. Finally pour blood. This is also the most important stage because when the water just boils, the chef must be very skillful and watch the right time to pour so that the blood is not bulging, spongy, or lose its appetite. Season it with sweet flour, fish sauce and salt