3 delicious dishes must be tried when coming to Sapa


8 dishes of pork meat
Delicious and famous specialties in Sapa: What should Sapa eat? Delicious food in Sapa
Pork meat at Hung Tuyen restaurant

Sweet pork is a special dish that Sapa should enjoy first that you cannot ignore. When clean materials are a hot issue, Sapa pork meat becomes more “valuable” and sought more. The pigs are naturally grazed by Mong people so the meat is clean, low in fat, firm, thick and can be processed into many dishes which are delicious in a very special way. If you want to try all the dishes, please call me the “8 in 1” pig sauce to admire each taste: stir-fry, rich, steamed lemongrass, fried with honey, plastic plum, soup bone, mannequin and finally porridge. The pork meat of Hung Tuyen restaurant at 300 Dien Bien Phu (0961 098 666) is the best.

What food should Sapa eat? Delicious and famous specialties in Sapa. What to eat when traveling Sapa?
The secret fried pork dish of the leaves of Hung Tuyen restaurant
In these 8 dishes, there must be honey-fried fried leaves with the characteristic aroma of the leaves of the Northwest, as if they were born for this dish, only one piece will be remembered forever. Or you can mention the bamboo meat dishes that are “hot” tingling. Meat is simply spiced, put in a fresh bamboo tube and then grilled on rosewood. Ripe meat, chef chopped bamboo tube, sprinkled on a little roasted sesame, so the dish is ready for you to enjoy. The pork meat is still intact with the sweet taste, flowing with the aroma of sesame, the grilled bamboo tube will give you a more wonderful culinary experience. If you have the opportunity to travel to Sapa, do not forget to try this unique rustic dish in Sapa.

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Sapa salmon salad
Delicious food in Sapa: What should Sapa eat? Famous specialty dishes in Sapa
Specialty salmon salad in Sapa
What to eat when traveling to Sapa? Unlike other salmon in the region, Sapa salmon is farmed in a cool year-round climate, cold winters, so there is no meat, no fat, equally delicious imported salmon. Sapa salmon is swimming from the tank up, through the talented hands of the chef of Northwestern region, salmon can be processed into various dishes such as grilled salmon, salmon porridge, smoked fish, eggs Steamed fish, salmon soaked in orange and green pepper … Cut a piece of salmon with perilla leaves as a traditional way of eating or try a completely new way of enjoying the sour and delicate acorn leaves only in Sapa. However, do not forget to mark with dark soy sauce and spicy mustard that will give you a lot of surprises. If you do not know what to eat when traveling to Sapa, then go to Hung Tuyen restaurant at 300 Dien Bien Phu and Sapa (0961 098 666) to enjoy.

Sapa sturgeon hotpot
Sapa has good and famous specialties? Famous specialty dishes in Sapa. What food should Sapa eat?
Sipping hot sturgeon hotpot on the floor house of Hung Tuyen
The cold of Sapa makes people want to get closer to each other, they need a little more warmth and need more tight hugs … The cold here also makes food more delicious, more attractive. Imagine a winter night, sitting in a house on stilts next to a delicious sturgeon fish pot. Tell each other a few stories and enjoy the hot fish in the cold of heaven and earth. Crunchy fatty fish meat, mingling with the spicy and aromatic taste of hotpot, will be an unforgettable experience in life. This delicious and famous specialty in Sapa will be a delicious dish so enjoy in the next Sapa that you definitely cannot ignore.

You can think of sturgeon where you can buy it, it is not different from Sapa in the cold winter in the North. In fact, it is different from you, the source of water for sturgeon in Sapa is very plentiful, strong and clean, so sturgeon has firm flesh, not fat, clean and nutritious. In particular, enjoying in the mind that you are traveling and “enjoying” in the Northwest mountains with fresh air, you will surely feel much more relaxed and delicious.