Attractive reasons will make you have to travel to Dalat this October


The autumn of October is breathtaking with the chill of the mountain town, enough for you to dress up, wander the leafy streets, or sit in the breeze and enjoy a nice small cup of coffee. .. That alone makes you fall in love with this place. Here are the reasons that will attract you to Da Lat in October.
Beautiful natural scenery
Autumn scenery in Dalat

It is not accidental that Da Lat was dubbed the “city of flowers” or “city of fog”. Da Lat made a mark in the eyes of visitors by the natural scenery of the vast green mountains and colorful flower gardens. Stroll along the city center, you can hardly take your eyes off the lovely houses, small streets full of wildflowers, like lost in a fairy tale place.
Do not think that only remote Europe will be a maple forest. Each level collected in Dalat also has maple forests, beautiful and poetic no less than the West. Hidden deep on the shores of Tuyen Lam Lake in Dalat, this red-colored tree changes its leaf color every degree. Unlike the maple season in Canada, Russia or Japan, the maple leaf season in Dalat is gentle and shy in the forests. The sweet moment when you see the maple leafy forest with your own eyes is a special experience with the flavor of Dalat autumn.

Maple leaf in Dalat
Autumn in Dalat also has Phong forest

Da Lat was always beautiful and poetic, but the most poetic was still in autumn, when the yellow leaves were in season of changing leaves, when the fog crept through the green pine forests, when the yellow sunshine paved on every street corner . You come to Dalat in the fall to the beautiful natural scenery here.

The climate is cool and pleasant
Coming to Dalat, you will understand the feeling of living in a temperate city in the heart of a tropical country. Located at an altitude of about 1,500 m above sea level, the “air-conditioned city” possesses a cool climate year-round with an average temperature of 18-22 degrees Celsius. This is also a place for visitors to unleash. go exploring everywhere as well as dressing up nicely before being filmed.


Dalat climate is cool and comfortable
Traveling in Da Lat, you can comfortably dress in beautiful clothes to look on

Great place to watch flowers in the middle of autumn
What kind of land can be missing in Dalat but remind of flowers, this place can let tourists immerse themselves in the endless paradise with flowers. In October, when the autumn gradually floods all the way to the streets of Da Lat, it is also the time when Da Lat is again filled with the dreamy yellow of wild kneeling in the fog.

Wild flowers in Da Lat
Dalat is a great place to see flowers in the middle of the autumn sky

Anemone is a wild flower that grows and flourishes naturally in its own way. Wild sunflowers bloom in autumn with bright yellow color. The anemone gardens always bring a unique autumn that only Dalat has. In the midst of autumn in Da Lat, watching wild sunflowers and having a camping trip amidst the golden scenery, you definitely cannot help but love this place.

Lost in the forest of wild flowers in Da Lat
Lost in the middle of a wild flower forest in the autumn sky in Da Lat

Attractive historical and spiritual attractions
History has left Da Lat stunning and unique works: Dalat Railway Station, chicken church, temples, monasteries, French villas, clay villages … are the attractions to visit. visit. Coming here, you can both learn the history, admire the bold architectural style of the West, and can own great beautiful pictures.

Dalat Railway Station
Dalat Railway Station is a great place for you to take pictures. (Image: @ eatzzz7)

Located on the corner of Tran Phu street in Da Lat city, Con Ga church is characterized by unique and delicate French architecture. From a distance, you can easily see the prominent cathedral with the image of a large and high bell tower. Early autumn, the image of the church engulfed in a sea of immense fog, extremely romantic scenery.

Chicken Church of Dalat
Da Lat Chicken Church (Image: @_mian_)

Dalat is also a land of pilgrimage, nothing more peaceful than early autumn sitting and listening to the temple bell, watching the vast sky and pure land. Linh Quy Phap An is a famous spiritual tourist destination of Da Lat, this is also the only place with the unique Japanese architecture with Torii heaven gate. The beauty of this place is like a fairy-tale place, especially in autumn. Coming to the Spirit Law at the early morning to watch the dawn to witness the interference of heaven and earth will help your soul find the peace between the hustle and bustle of this life.

Spiritual Dharma Seals in the early fall
The beauty of the Dharma Spirit Seal in the early fall

Peaceful space
Not flashy, magnificent, in the eyes of visitors, beautiful city from the simplest, simplest things. Autumn in each region has a unique flavor, for Da Lat is the purple sunset. Strangely, the sunset of Dalat was dazzling in the bright yellow color in the summer, but it was a loyal, bold purple array in the fall.

purple sunset
Purple sunset in the middle of autumn Dalat brings very personal feelings to visitors

Images of purple sunsets dropping behind the identical mountains make visitors bewitched and ecstatic. Da Lat sunset like all kinds