Come to Cat Ba, do not forget 7 specialties to eat forever


Shrimp noodles
Cat Ba Island is about 30 km from the center of Hai Phong city. The beautiful island has not only beautiful beaches, diverse natural landscapes but also a culinary paradise with many delicious dishes. One of them is shrimp noodles. Actually this is a specialty of Hai Phong in general. The dish does not have too fussy ingredients but scores by a sweet broth made from shrimp. The bowl of noodles includes fresh shrimp meat, fish ball, a few pieces of guise leaves and the best is a little sour tamarind juice.



Our country has many waters that own this expensive seafood, such as Binh Ba Island, Ly Son Island or Con Dao Island. In the North, lobster enthusiasts often come to Cat Ba Island to enjoy. Shrimp are caught right in the day, big size, au red. They can be cooked into many dishes with different versions such as baking, roasting salt, steaming beer or porridge. Even the shrimp bricks also have a delicious, rich, protein flavor … porridge is very delicious.

Sam sea
Traveling to Cat Ba Island, you definitely cannot miss sam dish because of its rich and special flavor than many other places. The chefs on the island can make many dishes such as sea sam soup, sea cucumber salad or stir-fried sweet and sour soup, porridge, fried vermicelli. The most popular dish is grilled onion with fat, a little more peanuts. Both meat and sam eggs are cooked with golden, fragrant nose, dotted with spicy chili garlic sauce. The best is still enjoying sea sam from about October to February in the lunar calendar because this is the time to sam the most eggs.


Another very famous specialty in Cat Ba beach area is tu comedy. The island has natural features suitable for tu comedy, also known as elephant snail, with delicious quality. The comedy is cooked in porridge or baked is very good. Part convex sweet bar, chewy, lumpy, eat very mouth. If you do not want to eat picky, you can call steamed tu eat with peanuts, onions, chili, fish sauce. The ingredients are delicious, even though simple processing is attractive enough.


Vietnam has 30 species of grouper but in Cat Ba Island alone, there are 3 types of grouper with unmistakable taste. Fish meat is sweet, fatty, nutritious. Tourists in Cat Ba Island not only like to eat fish but also want to be able to fish under the sea at night. The freshly caught fish, processed into hotpot, steamed, grilled or cooked porridge are delicious.

Superficially, also known as crayfish, is a general specialty of Quang Ninh – Hai Phong waters, including Cat Ba. The surface here has a large size, pristine, firm. The simplest way is steaming with beer and lemongrass and dipping with chili sauce. In addition, diners can also enjoy the surface of the grill or the surface noodles are also very delicious. This type of seafood when stewed to cook noodles, water is often sweet, rich.


Snails are a specialty not to be missed in Hai Phong, neither is Cat Ba. There are many strange types of snail that even snail connoisseurs have never heard of, like red snail, cigarette snail … The processing is also very rich: boiled, steamed … Especially fried because people have many spices. to make variations like sauteed coconut, chilli, tamarind, ginger, lemon leaves, lemongrass … to have a strong flavor, bring together enough sweet and sour.