Delicious restaurant on the way from Hanoi to Ha Giang city


Delicious restaurant on the way from Hanoi to Ha Giang city
Starting from Hanoi to Ha Giang city by private means, visitors can choose the direction of Highway 32 and Highway 2 through Phu Tho town and Tuyen Quang city. Here are some restaurants that tourists can stop on this street.

Bun rieu, Trung Hoa, Hanoi


With long distance, you should start from early morning, when the road is not crowded and the weather is cool. Before going through Trung Hoa tunnel to follow Thang Long boulevard to Son Tay, visitors can enjoy crab vermicelli at 36 Trung Hoa, near the top of Tran Duy Hung street.

The price for each noodle bowl is about 40,000 VND. Photo: Lan Huong.
The price for each noodle bowl is about 40,000 VND. Photo: Lan Huong.

Each bowl of vermicelli includes crab, crispy fried beans, beef, rolls, raw vegetables and fat broth. Depending on the requirements of customers, each bowl costs from 30,000 to 45,000 VND. In addition, the restaurant also has a plus point which is airy, beautifully decorated and has green tea for free.

Bun cha Son Hoa, Son Tay town, Hanoi

If you move from early morning and have not found a restaurant in Hanoi, you can move about 40 km to Son Tay town for breakfast. As a long-term eatery in A3 – LK4 – Phu Ha urban area, Ngo Quyen street, Son Hoa bun noodles are familiar breakfast spots of local people and tourists. Not only traditional rice vermicelli with dark sauce and barbecue, the restaurant also scored points with spacious and enthusiastic service.
In addition, in the ancient town of Son Tay near Highway 32, there are many other breakfast shops such as bun Thu Bop shop, San San fish noodle soup on Ngo Quyen street and bun noodle shop in Dinh Tien Hoang street.

Ba Vong rolls, Uncle Minh commune, Ba Vi, Hanoi

Another suggestion for you when coming to Ba Vi district is the famous traditional cake shop located on the national highway 32. With medium-sized broth, fragrant grilled pork with hot rolls, the shop received many positive feedbacks from real guest. However, there is also a small minus point that is slow to serve and has to wait a long time when crowded.

Hop Thanh Restaurant, Doan Hung, Phu Tho

After moving about 50 km to Chan Mong commune, Doan Hung district, Phu Tho province, if you want to stop and eat fast, you can go to the No.1 Parking Stop, the familiar address of the long-distance driver. . However, if you want to have a delicious lunch and more comfortable rest space, Hop Thanh restaurant in area 3 is an appropriate suggestion.

Not only serving rice and hotpot, the restaurant also has a rich menu with country dishes such as seafood, mezzanine, chicken hill and get many positive reviews about service style as well as spacious space. clean.

Quynh Tuoi Restaurant, Tuyen Quang

Go straight to Highway 2 to Tuyen Quang city, visitors can rest at the restaurant at km 10, Thai Long commune. This is a perennial restaurant in the city, familiar to locals and tourists. At noon or weekends, the shop is quite crowded because there are many party tables, but the staff is still enthusiastic and attentive.

The menu of the restaurant is diverse, mainly the rural dishes of the northern mountainous region, notably the chicken hill rice, Lo river fish, turtles and steamed snails. Different from the big street restaurants, the restaurant has a menu and a list price list, so visitors can consult before ordering.

Thoan Ha mountain goat restaurant, Viet Quang town, Ha Giang

Viet Quang town is about 50 km from the destination. Here, you can enjoy the specialty of mountain goat of Ha Giang province, at the restaurant on Truong Chinh street, belonging to highway 2.

The food at the restaurant is presented attractive and beautiful.

Diverse menu of dishes made from goat meat. The dipped goat, the broth of the medicine and the lemon is the most prominent dishes