Explore the Moscow Kremlin Palace


Kremlin Palace is a symbol of power of the Russian government apparatus. From the beginning of the construction of the first parts in the 12th century to the present, the Kremlin has become a symbol of power of the Russian government apparatus. It is the headquarters of the supreme authorities, and also the workplace and the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with the heads of state in the world.


During the Tsarist era, the Kremlin was a symbol of royalty. Since the time of Soviet government, this place has become a symbol of power representing the Russian Federation. In the 12th century, Kremlin was built with the structure of a fortress to protect the inhabitants of the Russian city at that time.

By the 15th century, Russia’s Grand Duke Ivan III rebuilt Kremlin with the hope that this project would become a symbol of the power of the Russian royal family. Since then, the Kremlin has always been remodeled and perfected, bringing beauty and pride to Russia.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Russia, you should look from above, Kremlin Palace has the shape of an unbalanced triangle. It includes palaces, churches, city walls and towers.

In the complex of architectural works belonging to the Kremlin, the Ivan Velikii Bell Tower was built in the central position of Moscow.

Blagoveshchenskii church with 9 domes gilded. The Granovitaya Palace holds the throne.

Oruzheinaya Palace became a museum, displaying many valuable Russian objects such as weapons, jewelry, costumes of the Tsar …

A hall displaying silverware from European and Western origins from the 13th to 19th centuries in Oruzheinaya palace. The royal costumes are carefully stored in glass cases. Kremlin Palace is the workplace of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the Kremlin, protection is paramount so security is tightened here to protect Russia’s most powerful apparatus.