The famous food street Yangon Myanmar


Dancing E Kya Kway – Yangon street delicacies
Yangon street food is attractive and famous not to be missed when traveling to Myanmar, which is made from fried rice flour, which looks quite similar to Vietnamese twigs. Burmese often eat E Kya Kway for breakfast with tea, coffee or porridge dishes, fish noodles.

Roti Bread – Yangon’s most attractive street food
Myanmar cuisine is heavily influenced by Indian cuisine. Roti – a famous Yangon street delicacy cannot be missed once when traveling to Myanmar is a typical example. This is a flat bread made with butter, sugar, milk, eggs and flour and is often served with curry or noodles.


Samosa salad – The most favorite street food in Yangon
Samosa is a triangular fried bread, with a crust of wheat flour and fillings of potatoes, turmeric, beans. This cake is one of the popular snacks that should not be missed when traveling to Yangon, Myanmar and often eat it with spicy sauce. However, with their infinite creativity, the street chef chopped samosa and mixed it with green beans, cabbage, shallots, tomatoes and mint leaves and lemon juice into a samosa salad. together unique, strange mouth and attractive.

Koh pieh and Koh puo sticky rice – Yangon street snacks are delicious
These are 2 types of famous snacks of Yangon street should try when traveling to Myanmar. The cake is made from white or black glutinous rice, covered with sesame seeds and baked on charcoal for aromatic instead of fried or steamed like some Vietnamese sticky rice cakes. When eaten, Koh pieh will be added with grated coconut, salt and pepper, while Koh puo is served with jaggery syrup.

Mont Lone Yay Paw – A street food to try in Yangon
A unique and popular traditional dessert cake on the streets of Yangon, Myanmar. Normally, Mont Lone Yay Paw will be eaten during the Thingyan festival of Myanmar people but today you can find it in every corner of Yangon. Delicious dishes typical of Yangon street should try when traveling to Myanmar this is made from glutinous rice flour with jaggery filling should be quite similar to Vietnamese drift cake or Japanese mochi, but when eaten will be sprinkled with coconut scraped.

Kauknyintok – Street delicacies should try in Yangon
Add a unique, attractive snack to enjoy when traveling to Yangon, Myanmar – Kauknyintok Banana Cake. This cake has sticky rice and banana, sugar and coconut milk. You can find Kauknyintok banana bread at any mobile stall on Yangon street.

Bein Mont Pancakes: Add Bein Mont Pies to your list of popular street snacks to enjoy when traveling to Yangon, Myanmar. This popular snack in Yangon is usually sold in the evening with the main ingredients of glutinous rice flour, thinly sliced coconut and almonds mixed together and fried.

Mohinga noodles: A popular sidewalk dish in Yangon, Myanmar. Formally, Mohinga noodles look quite similar to Japanese ramen noodles, but it is actually a rice noodle dish with fish broth, served with fresh lemon fish sauce and some seasonal vegetables. You can enjoy this famous noodle dish of Yangon street in any cafe, tea or mobile stalls on Yangon street.