Forget about spring rolls, summer comes Thanh Hoa, try this very special dish


Forget about spring rolls, summer with Thanh Hoa, try this very special dish
Like Vung Tau of the South, Thanh Hoa is a familiar tourist destination for northern families so far. Famous beaches such as Sam Son, Hai Tien, Tinh Gia … attract millions of tourists every year because of their near location and affordable prices, suitable for the masses.

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Have you ever wondered, apart from seafood and sour “nem”, Thanh’s land is also interesting specialties or not? If you have a chance to visit Thanh Hoa here this summer, visit the Church Street to answer that question. A whole range of fragrant grilled prawns and Thanh Hoa grilled meat will satisfy the hungry stomachs of the whole family immediately.


The shop is the largest in the entire street named Thao Muoi. For many years, the restaurant still sells 3 dishes of shrimp rolls, grilled meat vermicelli and pillow cakes, in which prawns are the most popular dish.

Completely different from the famous spring rolls of Binh Dinh shrimp, instead of the whole shrimp in the rice paper, Thanh Hoa people use a mixture of ground shrimp and bacon. Originally, the color of the shrimp was orange red, but to increase the attractiveness, people used a natural color that was gac gut. The mixture of shrimp and spices is wrapped in noodle cake and grilled with charcoal.


The sea is close, the sea shrimp is fresh and there are many, so there is nothing to discuss about the deliciousness of this dish although the processing is relatively simple and easy to do. Over time, people here also have shrimp rolls with a crispy version, but this option is not too special according to personal assessment.

If you are in the love team and eating a lot of dips, you won’t be able to smother it with the “sauce” here. Still the sweet and sour fish sauce served with typical melon with Northern style but added with figs and contained in large jar, can be taken as much as you like.



Barbecue bun is also a bad choice. There is a bit of difference with the way of marinating traditional rice noodles, meat here is marinated with lemongrass. Soft berry, sweet taste is the most accurate description of the taste of Thanh Hoa barbecue, accompanied by vermicelli and raw vegetables will please the children in the family.

In addition to the two outstanding dishes mentioned above, there are selling dishes for young people like crispy fried sticky rice, fried nem, roasted bird or pillow cake. The quality is only moderate, perhaps to make more choices for the shop.

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A full lunch with prawns (35k / part), grilled meat vermicelli (30k / part) and fried sticky rice (30k / part) is more than enough for lunch to discover cuisine when coming to Thanh Hoa. If time is more comfortable, you should also try pancakes, porridge or soup sold in nearby shops. Listening to the owner of Thao Muoi shop, it was also a favorite of the people here.


One more impressive thing, the impression of the writer is that the people here are extremely pleasant and warm. The price of food is also clearly listed for each item, and there is no chance of rowing even though the whole street of the Church sells similar food items. Summer has arrived, if not enough time to reach remote areas, Thanh Hoa tourism is still a bright destination for families with many interesting things.