Grilled chicken, lam rice – a wild specialty of the Central Highlands mountains and forests


Grilled chicken served with lam rice is one of the famous mountain and forest specialties of the Central Highlands compatriots. According to local people, the dish comes from the Ede ethnic people in Buon Don, Dak Lak. Later, specialties were processed by Tay Nguyen people with many different versions.

Grilled chicken must be a running chicken, for firm meat, a thin, crispy skin after baking will not make diners feel fat. Chicken is usually served with chicken, only weighs about 1 kg.

Through preliminary processing, whole chicken is marinated with spices such as lemongrass, red onion, garlic crushed, five tastes of incense, honey, pepper, fish sauce, salt and all kinds of forest leaves … before clamping bamboo sticks and grill.

The cook has to turn the chicken well to the cooked meat, and continuously add the coal to ensure the fire fits.


The homemade red charcoal stove, the chickens pinched the bamboo stick, sizzling, the smell of cooked fragrant meat spread all over the corner of the yard.
In addition to chicken, grilled pork is also popular in the menu of mountain restaurants.
Grilled chicken is indispensable cup of salt leaves é, a kind of leaves that smell almost basil. The salt cup is not too picky, but it adds flavor to the chicken.
To cook lamella rice, the chef chooses the young bamboo tube, chop the long section and then wash it, pour the rice a piece away from the pipe to leave room for the rice to hatch and close with the leaves of the forest. Good rice is a type of sticky rice with small seeds, elongated and fragrant plastic when ripe.

The time when the chicken smells good is also when the rice pipes are buried in big fire about 45-60 minutes until the rice is cooked.
The time when the chicken smells good is also when the rice pipes are buried in big fire about 45-60 minutes until the rice is cooked.

Ripe rice, cooks cut bamboo pieces in pieces, put them on plates for guests. The Central Highlands people do not cut off the outer shell but leave bamboo pipes intact. When enjoying, you separate the bamboo peel outside to see the fragrant sticky rice. You can dine rice with peanut salt, made from peanuts (peanuts) roasted, salt and a little sugar.

The restaurants often serve whole chicken roast, let guests tear the chicken to enjoy. Grilled chicken is firm, sweet, and aromatic with aromatic spices. Dab a piece of meat into a cup of salt, your taste buds will “explode” by the pungent taste of é leaves.
The most popular restaurants are located in Pleiku (Gia Lai), notably the area near the Great Lake. The address attracts tourists also builds a space that is rich in the Central Highlands culture. You will sit and enjoy the food in the stilt houses, on the gong walls. The restaurants usually sell from noon to late evening, the price of each grilled chicken and lam rice is about VND 300,000.