Information of Nghinh Ong Kien Giang festival takes place in 11/2019


Nghinh Ong festival is the biggest festival in Kien Giang 2019 – held every year with the aim of praying for favorable rain and air so that fishermen can catch a lot of fish and fish. If you are interested in Nghinh Ong festival, Kien Giang 2019 this year, please see the detailed information about this biggest traditional sea festival in Kien Giang.


Information about festival Nghinh Ong, Kien Giang 2019
Where is Nghinh Festival Kien Giang organized, when? Information about Nghinh Ong and Kien Giang festivals

– Time: October 15 – 16th lunar calendar on 11 – 12/11 positive calendar 2019

– Location: Lai Son commune, Kien Hai district, Kien Giang

Every year, until the 15th and 16th of October of the lunar calendar, the island of Lai Son, Kien Hai district, Kien Giang province is ready to prepare for Nghinh Ong festival, the biggest sea festival in Kien Giang is expected. This year Nghinh Ong Kien Giang festival coincides with November 11-12 of the solar calendar on Monday and Tuesday of the week.

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Where does Nghinh Festival Kien Giang hold, when?
Nghinh Ong Kien Giang festival
Activities are organized at Nghinh Ong and Kien Giang festivals 2019
Nghinh Ong Kien Giang Festival is organized with two main parts: the ceremony and the festival.

The ceremony of Nghinh Ong Kien Giang festival 2019: the ceremony includes the prayers, the super bridge, the Nam Hai Dai Quan consecration ceremony, the Nghinh Ong ceremony, the ceremony of Kien Quan, the ceremony to invite the gods.

The festival of Nghinh Ong Kien Giang festival: the festival of Nghinh Ong festival includes many interesting folk games such as exchange of tai tu songs, male football tournament, cooking contest of dishes made from dishes coastal, traditional boat emulation, mountain climbing expedition Ma Thien Lanh …

Opening night of the Nghinh festival He will have a special performance of local people and artists and singers from Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition, when you come to Nghinh Ong, Kien Giang festival 2019, you will enjoy a lot of local specialties, especially seafood.