Mount Taishan in China


Coming to China, tourists not only visit destinations such as: Phuong Hoang Co Tran, Truong Gia Gioi, Shanghai Hangzhou – Suzhou, Lijiang Shangrila, Tay Tang … but here visitors can not ignore the scenic. as stunning as Mount Tai Son, which Unesco recognized as a World Heritage Site in 1987.


If you have the opportunity to travel to China, you should visit Thai Son mountain and you will encounter a majestic scenery that appears right before your eyes. Mount Tai Shan is located in Shandong Province north of Tai’an. With an area of up to 426 km2, the Chinese enjoy the notion that Mount Tai is the sky pillar. This is one of the five most sacred mountains of China, especially Thai Son is associated with the sunrise, and this is the most sacred mountain in the country of China.

There are many peaks in Thai Son mountain group, the main one is Thien Tru peak and Ngoc Hoang peak. These two peaks are 1,545 meters above sea level. The terrain is rugged, there are many coniferous trees, cypress trees and beautiful natural landscapes such as: Jade Emperor’s Peak, Emperor’s Peak, Nhat Quang Peak, Nguyet Quang Peak, Vach Tram Tuong, Tien Nhan Bridge, Waterfalls Van Kieu and Thac Long Dam. Besides, on Thai Son, there are also unique temples and structures such as Dai Temple, Vuong Mau lagoon, Nam Thien gate, Bich Xa temple, Mau Mau palace, Xich Thien floor … all are public works. famous and unique ancient architecture.

At present, Thai Son mountain still has many ancient trees over 100 years old, especially Ngan Hanh tree, in the temple dating to 2000 years old, known as “living fossils” for typical mountain flora.

Here you can not only visit but also hear thrilling stories. According to the seniors here, Thai Son mountain from Qin Shi Huang to the mountain until the time of King Qianlong had 12 Chinese emperors to Thai Son to sacrifice to heaven. There are also many almonds who come here to enjoy the scenery and leave the autographs at this natural wonder.

On one occasion, the giant trip to Thai Son mountain and left the autograph on the stone wall on the mountain with the words “Dang Thai Son and his children”. Writer Do Phu also recorded the verse “Army meeting great, especially they painted pepper “…

It can be said that Thai Son mountain is blessed with nature’s beauty, where the natural landscape blends together to create a beautiful picture. Not only that, Thai Son mountain is also an inspiration for composing poems, thousands of poems, songs, thousands of painting works, but this mountain is also a place chosen by a lot of filmmakers to scare. scenes in his work such as Journey to the West, The Condor Heroes or Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky …

So to feel the beauty and grandeur of Mount Tai, come to China tour, and climb to the top of the mountain to see all the beauty that nature has bestowed here.

Coming here as you climb the rocks, you will come across strange figures. Many stones are folded into lotus shape or animal in a very lively position. Amidst the strange rocks are the ancient trees standing on the wind.

Mount Taishan is one of the places not to be missed in China tour. Every year, this place attracts many tourists come here to enjoy the beautiful mountains.

Besides towering mountains, interspersed with clear streams, the water flows throughout the year, weaving through each rock, creating beautiful waterfalls that make any visitor admire admiring admiration. . Not only that, it also attracts expert and non-professional photographers here to hunt.

In addition, there are three religions co-exist on Thai Son mountain, namely Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. These three religious lineages are the three pillars of Chinese religion, coexisting on Mount Taishan this makes the difference and the curiosity as motivating travelers’ footsteps when coming to China.