You must visit these places for fun!


The name Samoyed comes from the nomadic Seberia tribes (northern Russia). Here, they raised Samoyed dogs to graze cattle and protect the reindeer. Because they live in tents with families, Samoyed has a very friendly personality, close to people and this dog is especially loyal to the owner. Possessing soft, white fur, Samoyed dogs were dubbed the snow princess or the snow angel of Taiga.


This forest is one of the most charming and mysterious beauty places of the birch land, the party has a lot of photographers around the world come here to take pictures, despite the permanent coldness of the country. Seberia.

To Russia, you can not ignore other famous tourist destinations: Hermitage Museum, Red Square, Saint Basils Cathedral, Kremlin Palace.
Shiba Inu of the country of Tang

Phu Tang has many lovely dogs, but the most famous is probably Shiba Inu – the world’s happiest dog. Looking at that lovely gesture, the Inushiba dogs are very difficult, “muddy” and super naughty.

Whatever season you come from Shiba Inu’s homeland, you are ecstatic with the salty beauty of Japan. Spring is sweet with cherry blossoms, brilliant summers and enthralled by festivals, romantic and gentle autumns of Momiji forests, while fairy tales fall asleep in the snowy domain.

Becgie – German hero dog

Becgie dog fever in Vietnam has emerged since 2000, when American criminal film Rex – Detective Dog was released. You can see Becgie is often used as a special dog everywhere in the world, but few people know the hometown of these hero dogs is romantic and classic Germany.

Hometown of famous dogs, travel there, explore the world

The magnificent castles, the coniferous forests covered with white snow, or the tree-lined streets, … anyone who set foot here is immersed in the fairy beauty of this country.

Wales’ Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a Welsh dog, loved by a very funny appearance with big ears, long body and big buttocks. Not only that, these dogs are also particularly active and cute. Although shy to strangers, but Welsh dogs are very good for children and always want to please their owners. According to Welsh mythology, this type of dog is also a means of transportation for fairies.


Visiting Wales, in a fairytale scene with immense green grass fields, buildings with typical Gothic architecture, you will easily see the images of Corgi dwarfs as … herders cattle, catch insects and protect the farm extremely well … All are beautiful as if you were to enter your own childhood dream.