Sam Son beach travel experience extremely useful


Sam Son beach tourism is a famous place in the Central region, attracting a large number of tourists every day. Especially when the weather in the summer is hot, the need for bathing of the people is very high, to help you have an interesting trip to the sea and avoid the situation of “losing money to bring” please share some sutras. Sam Son beach tourism self-sufficiency 2019.


Sam Son beach travel experience
Sam Son beach tourism
Sam Son beach travel experience 2019
Overview of Sam Son beach tourism
Nature is blessed for this land with amazing beaches, beautiful. Sam Son beach tourism you will be immersed with nature, the vast sea, listening to the waves of whispering waves. Along with the rows of green coconuts, casuarina casts in the wind and listens to the sounds of kite flutes awakening to the blue sky.

The beach runs nearly 6km from Lach Hoi estuary to the foot of Truong Le mountain, this is a very beautiful and clean bathing area. Sam Son Beach is famous for its comfortable golden sand, clear blue water and clean, moderate salt concentration.

Sam Son beach trip self-sufficient experience: Should go play, sightseeing when traveling to Sam Son?
Sam Son Beach is an ideal summer vacation spot
Prepare what goes to Sam Son / Supplies need to go to Sam Son beach
Sam Son beach tourism needs to prepare? In addition to necessary and indispensable items such as clothing, money … you also need to prepare items such as:

Beach gear, you need clothes, shoes, bags, wide-brimmed hats … Also, bring sunscreen. flip-flops, cardboard …
If you bring electronic appliances, choose waterproof or buy water-proof storage items. Bring umbrellas and raincoats.
Bring a towel to cover the sun, place a lie or wrap it around you … You should also bring a small knife, a flour-rich food, because when swimming is easy to starve.
Sam Son tourism experience. Essential items to Sam Son beach
Sam Son beach tourism needs to prepare?
When to go to Sam Son beach / Ideal time to travel to Sam Son beach
Should Sam Son beach travel when? Sam Son is a famous tourist destination, swimming and relaxation is the main activity when visiting Sam Son. Therefore, the best time to go to Sam Son from April to August.

Tour Sam Son at this time, you will be immersed in the cool blue water, enjoy the fresh air here. In particular, in the evening you will have fun, sightseeing and beautiful experiences.

Experience Sam Son beach travel self-sufficient, to be able to fully enjoy and explore the scenic spots in Sam Son, you should spend time Sam Son 3 days 2 nights is the most reasonable.

Sam Son tourism experience. The best time to Sam Son
The best time to Sam Son
How to go to Sam Son beach / Transportation to Sam Son
How to travel Sam Son? Move from Hanoi to Sam Son in two ways: cars and trains.

+ Sam Son tourism by car / passenger car
Sam Son is about 170 km away from Hanoi, you can catch a bus at My Dinh, Luong Yen and Gia Lam bus stations … time is about 5 hours (ticket price is about 70-120k). Or you can ride by motorbike to Sam Son with a distance of 170km, however, you need to pay attention to safety.

Sam Son tourism experience. Transportation to Sam Son
Sam Son Travel by train
+ Traveling Sam Son by train
You go to Hanoi Railway Station or Long Bien Station to catch the train to Thanh Hoa, when you arrive at Thanh Hoa Station, you take the bus to Sam Son. (train fare is about 70-150k and bus is 10k)

Sam Son beach travel experience 2019 Transportation in Sam Son is popular trams and cyclo or taxi, before going to need to know clearly the road and price (when going to the cyclo note many vehicles deliberately shaking strong for travelers to drop wallet and phone to steal).

Where when traveling to Sam Son / Hostel, hotels in Sam Son is good, cheap, so stay
Sam Son tourism experience is self-sufficient, the renting of rooms in Sam Son is most difficult, especially on weekends and holidays because the number of visitors here is very large. So you should book a room up to 1 week in order to avoid out of room or high prices. You can refer to: How to book on Agoda

Where should I go when traveling to Sam Son? Ho Xuan Huong Street in Sam Son has many lodges, the hotel can look out to the coast to admire, the wind is very beautiful, with prices ranging from 400,000 to 800,000 VND / night, with full facilities.

In addition, to facilitate the move to 3 beaches A, B, C, you should rent a room in the beach area A near the mountain or the guesthouse in the beach C is quite cheap.

Experience booking cheap rooms in Sam Son: Sam Son tourist guide from A-Z
Good and quality hotel in Sam Son
The experience of cheap booking in Sam Son is summarized from the actual trip to share, you can consult to choose for yourself a cheap and good stopover:

Hotel reservations should be made during low season.
Ask clearly whether the hotel requires eating at the hotel?
Booking should be made early with tour companies if the number of guests is low, so the price will be cheaper.
When renting a hotel you should focus on quality rather than the appearance of the hotel.
Below, are quite a few