Sharing experience of Mui Ne and Phan Thiet tourism


Mui Ne, Phan Thiet is famous for its white sand beaches stretching over the blue sea and soaring coconut palms, especially here you will enjoy the delicious and famous dishes of the extremely coastal people. this beautiful. Thankfully, I have been to Mui Ne during the tour organized by the company, today I will share with you about the self-sufficient Mui Ne travel experience 2019.


Mui Ne travel experience: Guide, consult schedule for sightseeing, entertainment, dining when traveling to Mui Ne
Mui Ne tourism has nothing fun, interesting?
Mui Ne travel experience 2019
Brief introduction about Mui Ne tourism
In order to have the most self-sufficient Mui Ne travel experience, before you go, you should also take the time to learn about this land. Mui Ne has long been a famous beach destination, with long white sand beaches, blue sea and rows of coconut trees.

Not only that, Mui Ne tourism also admire the beautiful natural scenery and have the opportunity to learn the community of Chinese people, Cham people … Besides sightseeing, sightseeing you can also enjoy the food Delicious made from fresh seafood.

Go to Mui Ne at what time / The best time to Mui Ne
Should you travel to Mui Ne at any time? Mui Ne is hot and windy year-round with little storms, so you can travel at any time. Time from January to the end of December, the weather is cooler than other months of the year. April and May are the hottest season, the heat background sometimes reaches 29 degrees C.

The period from April to August is considered the most beautiful time of Mui Ne tourism, at this time the sea is clear and cool. Note, in September, going to Mui Ne often has a lot of rain, if you go at this time will not go to many places to visit. In particular, there are many places where red sand seeps down to the coast, making many beaches red like silt and sea water.

Go to Mui Ne at what time / The best time to Mui Ne: The self-sufficient, cheap Mui Ne travel experience
The best time to Mui Ne
Transportation to Mui Ne / Going to Mui Ne and how to travel?
From Hanoi to Mui Ne
+ From Hanoi, there is no direct flight to Mui Ne, so if you want to move to Mui Ne, fly to Saigon and drive to Mui Ne. Or take the plane to Cam Ranh bay (Nha Trang) and then go to Phan Thiet with the Open Tour car from Nha Trang to Mui Ne.

From Saigon to Mui Ne
How to travel to Mui Ne from Saigon, you can go by bus, bus or train. Below, is a detailed guide on how to move, you can refer to:

+ Travel by passenger car: High quality car manufacturers go to Phan Thiet: Time: 5:00 am, depart at Mien Dong car or De Tham street, District 1. Ticket price ranges from 90,000 – 130,000 dong depending on the carrier.

Transportation to Mui Ne / Going to Mui Ne and how to travel? Mui Ne travel guide details, cheap
Travel to Mui Ne by bus
Car manufacturers can refer to:

Kumho (Tel: 35 112 112, DC: Eastern Bus Station): pay guests at TP bus station. Phan Thiet, if you want to go to Mui Ne, you have to hire a Taxi.
Phuong Trang (Tel: 38375570; DC: 274 – 276 De Tham, District 1): pay guests at Mui Ne, convenient for travelers who want to go straight to Mui Ne area.
Hoang Long (Binh Thuan Office No. 18, Quarter 2, Truong Chinh – P. Xuan An – Phan Thiet City 0623 739 988)
Sinh Café (Tel: 38376 833 -38369 420, ĐC: 246 – 248 Đề Thám, District 1): paid guests at Mui Ne, convenient for travelers who want to travel to Mui Ne.
+ Train to Phan Thiet

If you take a normal train with the price of 110k / ticket or more, the ship has SPT symbol (go in the morning) or PT4 (go to the weekend evening. Buy tickets at Saigon Station – 01 Nguyen Thong, District 3.
High quality Golden Train, priced from 160k / ticket up, depart in the morning. Tel: 08.35261685 – 08.35262724.
Transportation to Mui Ne / Going to Mui Ne and how to travel? Experience extremely exciting Mui Ne Mui Ne
Instructions on how to move to Mui Ne
The self-sufficient Mui Ne travel experience, to move to Phan Thiet center you should choose Kumho and Phuong Trang cars, for returning guests at Phan Thiet bus station and transfer to the hotels and resorts in Phan Set.

To move to Mui Ne, you should go by Phuong Trang or Sinh Cafe, because the garage will take you and take you to the resorts in Mui Ne.

Where to go when traveling to Mui Ne / Rent a hotel, a motel in Mui Ne
Mui Ne travel experience 2019, visitors to Mui Ne often choose accommodation by sleeping services or renting hotels or motels. Currently, online booking also has many incentives, in which booking through is considered a prestigious and preferential site up to 30%, sometimes even up to 52% for many hotels. You can refer to: How to book on Agoda

Experience cheap Mui Ne tourism: Which hotel should you stay when you arrive in Mui Ne?
Hotels and hotels in Mui Ne should book
+ Where should I go when I travel to Mui Ne? For sleeping services suitable for those who love adventure, discovery and cost savings. Before hiring this service, please pay attention to security issues. The