Synthesis of travel experiences Sapa: where, what to eat?


Are you planning to go to Sapa? But you don’t know how to go, where to go, what to play and how to eat? The following economical and safe Sapa 2019 dust travel experiences will help you solve this problem. Don’t ignore it, don’t waste half of your trip.

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Experience cheap Sapa tours: Guide Sapa tour self-sufficient, latest
Sapa tourism has something fun, interesting?
Experience the latest Sapa 2019 tourism
Time to Sapa / Sapa travel when beautiful?
Should Sapa travel at any time? Sapa has a cool climate all year round, one day here you will be experiencing 4 seasons in the year: Spring, summer, autumn and winter. So you can go to Sapa at any time. But best, with the share of phượt people, you should go to Sapa at the following time:

– About March – May and September – November is considered the most beautiful time of Sapa tourism. In addition, there are some very special festivals in Sapa.

– April and May is the time of rice cultivation of ethnic people here, the rice cultivation scene is very beautiful. In particular, this is the season when the flowers in Sapa start to bloom. If you like taking photos, go at this time.

– The end of September is the season of ripe rice. At this time, both Sapa like to wear a beautiful yellow dress. Experience 2019 Sapa travel of many phượt people and tourists, this is the time to go to Sapa most.

Traveling when Sapa is beautiful? Experience visiting, playing, eating when traveling to Sapa
The most beautiful time of Sapa tourism
How to travel to Sapa? Sapa tourist means
What means from Hanoi to Sapa? There are 4 ways for you to reach Sapa:

– Passenger cars: If you plan to travel by car, we recommend that you ride your bed and call the car to ask for a price, book a ticket in advance. When booking a ticket, book a round-trip ticket, to avoid a fire in the peak months. The prestige car companies, good service quality and soft price you should choose: Hung Thanh (0989.294.294), Hai Van (1900 6484), Sen Viet (04.6295 3211 – 04.38338296) …

How to travel to Sapa? Sapa travel guide: the means of traveling Sapa fast, the cheapest price
Train to Sapa
– Bus: The bus runs the new highway Hanoi – Lao Cai so only about 4 hours is your place. Bus fares are also cheaper than passenger cars. You can contact the car companies directly to ask for prices and buy tickets in advance. This is the best option in that cheap and safe Sapa travel experience.

– Train: If you plan to take a train, you should buy a bed ticket and go to night. The next morning up to Sapa, there is still strength and go out. Call 04.3942.3949 to get tickets to your home if you are in Hanoi, tickets will be charged for shipping.

– Personal vehicles: To take the initiative in moving, as well as sightseeing on the way, you can ride Sapa by motorbike or take a bus or bus to Sapa and rent a motorbike.

The reputable motorbike rental address in Sapa can be found at: Motorbike rental experience in Sapa

Address renting a prestigious motorbike in Sapa: Experience cheap Sapa travel
Phượt Sapa by motorbike
Sapa hotel at any hotel? Where should you go when traveling to Sapa?
Where should when traveling Sapa? Hotels, motels and home stay are 3 options for tourists to Sapa. You can refer to prices and booking in Sapa on Agoda booking page. However, no matter what way you should call and book the room first. Specifically you can see the instructions here: How to book on

Experience cheap Sapa travel, there are 2 areas gathered many motels and hotels most affordable Sapa: Cau May and Fansipang. In these 2 areas, the room rate per night for 2 people is about 200,000-300,000VND. The holiday season may increase but not significantly. List of beautiful, cheap hotels in Sapa

Experience low-cost Sapa travel: Suggest the beautiful motels and hotels in Sapa
Homestay in Sapa
Some hotels and motels are reasonably priced that many tourists share, you should consult:

Sapa Pinocchio Hotel Hotel at 15 Muong Hoa, Price about $ 23: Free wifi, laundry service, breakfast included, bicycle rental close to the west quarter so shopping quite conveniently, near many shops eating (The most popular choice)
Green Valley Hotel: Address 45 Muong Hoa, convenient location, very good price is only about $ 11 / night but quite a lack of facilities (such as TV), services and normal rooms. However, this is not a bad choice if you want to save the most cost.
Tavan Ecologic Homestay: (In Ta Van Commune) Very cheap price, only from $ 4 – $ 5, extremely cool and close to nature, with wifi, fishing, etc. to help you relax, most comfortable. This homestay is highly appreciated, up to 9.5 / 10 from guests who have stayed.
Pumpkin Sapa Hotel: No. 14 Dong Loi, TT Sapa is priced around $ 22 / day and night, with basic standards: free wifi, bike rental, rooms are also quite nice, at a reasonable price. This is also one of the many selected hotels
Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa in Xuan Vien Street, center of Sapa. With prices up to more than $ 100 / day and night, this 4.5-star standard resort includes all utilities: Wifi, swimming pool,