Traveling to Dubai requires a visa


Visiting Dubai need a visa, this is a question of many travelers, especially those who are planning to travel to Dubai, or travel to Dubai for the first time. So to know that you refer to the Dubai travel experience below.
Tourism Dubai needs to prepare the documents after applying for a visa


When traveling to Dubai, tourists need to prepare the following documents. Passport used to apply for a tourist visa in Dubai must be valid for 6 months or more.
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Necessary documents to prove if you go to work: Business documents, application for leave …
Original identity card, birth certificate and certified copy.
Providing full information about Dubai travel itinerary such as: Time of entry from what day, visiting places in Dubai, hotels …
Round-trip airfare is the most important type of visa procedure when traveling to Dubai. Certainly must present round-trip air tickets, otherwise visitors will not be approved.
To complete the visa procedure when traveling to Dubai, visitors need to prove their personal income.
Things to keep in mind when applying for a Dubai visa
In Dubai, there are multiple types of visas: For the Dubai tourist visa, visitors will stay for up to 30 days. At the same time this multiple visa allows your relatives to guarantee during the time traveling to Dubai.

The following types of Dubai visas you should know before traveling to Dubai:

Visas for relatives: For this type of visa can be used for business trips and visiting relatives in Dubai will be guaranteed. This visa can stay in Dubai for less than 60 days and can be extended for up to 90 days.
Transit Visa: Used with guests stopping in Dubai to change flights, the maximum period is 4 days. For this transit visa, visitors can travel to Dubai for a short term.
Visa to settle in Dubai: If you have a relative settled in Dubai, you should use the immigrant visa to be guaranteed. This type of visa has a stay of up to 3 years and is very suitable for frequent travelers to work in Dubai.
Things to keep in mind when traveling to Dubai

At this point, you will not be confused as to whether you need a visa for Dubai, and what should be prepared? The above has the answers for you. And here are the airlines to choose from when traveling to Dubai.

Traveling to Dubai, travelers should dress discreetly. Because, in Dubai, there is a law that forbid to wear revealing clothes in public. Only bikini under the beach, after bathing must complete dress discreetly go to the hotel. If you do not want to have trouble traveling, it is best to consult the things to note when coming to Dubai.

A further ban for residents and visitors to Dubai is not drinking alcohol, smoking in public places.
Ask for indigenous peoples if they want to take a photo with them. Especially Indian women, you can be arrested for harassing women.
Be careful not to change fake fake language. The best you should change money at the airport and Dubai money is AED, 1 USD after exchange will be equivalent to 3.66 AED (Dubai money).

Emirates Airlines Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines flies directly to Dubai, whereas Etihad has a flight to the Pearl of the Middle East named Abu Dhabi. So if you buy air tickets of these two airlines, the fastest way is on the internet. It is for you who travel to Dubai independently. And if you follow the Dubai tour according to the package tour, the company already takes care of you, you just need to carry a backpack on the vivu.
So here are the things to keep in mind when traveling to Dubai, like Dubai tourism need to prepare? Do you need a visa, how the procedure … … hopefully through this article you choose for yourself a Dubai tour that suits your conditions as well as your budget.