Traveling Tibet – China is the most beautiful season


If you have the opportunity to travel to Tibet, you will come across magnificent monasteries, palaces, snowy mountains, deserts, vast prairies with aromatic flowers … with gentle and hospitable people. .


Coming here, you not only visit the scenery but also watch the lion-like dogs, the long-haired Yak herds absorbed in grass … especially when traveling to Tibet in the autumn you will come across. splendid scenery, deep blue lakes. This is not only a destination that attracts tourists who come here to enjoy but also attracts amateur and amateur photographers here to hunt.

Which season / time is best to travel to Tibet?

According to the Chinese travel experience of Dai Viet International Travel, Tibet in May 4,5,6 are the most beautiful months of the year and it is very suitable for sightseeing. At this time, the weather is clear, the air is cool, the most beautiful is at the end of May and early June.
Traveling to Tibet in September, October this time the weather is quite cold. If you want to experience the extreme cold, travel to Tibet this season. However, this is the low season, the service costs are usually lower, and not too busy like the high season so you have a peaceful space …
July is a rainy season so you should not go this season.
Traveling to Tibet in August at this time in Tibet is the summer, when the rainy season has not stopped yet, the summer has come, so sometimes there are sudden rains, but in return you will encounter trees. Smooth, blooming flowers. The average temperature is 18 degrees. Noon also feel hot, morning and evening the weather will be chilly.

Vehicles of Tibet:

You should book tickets early to get preferential fares, now there are many companies with big promotion occasions you should hunt tickets early before 2 months to get super promotional fares. To get to Tibet you have to go to Lhasa airport (the capital of Tibet). So you will have to book 2 flight tickets:
Stage 1: Hanoi – Kunming.
Stage 2: Kunming – Lhasa.
From Kunming to Lhasa will transit in Sangrila about 1.5 hours. Afternoon back.
You should book 2 stages of the same airline, it will save money,
Ticket prices will be more economical. If you do not want to transit in Sangrila, you can refer to other Chinese airlines, but usually the ticket will be higher.

Where should travel to Tibet?

Potala Palace: A destination not to be missed when traveling to Tibet China. This is the residence and work place of the spiritual leaders of Tibet. If you want to visit this palace, you must register before entering Tibet and undergo a strict security check.

Jokhang Temple: This is not only an old temple but also a famous Buddhist monastery.

Shigatse City: Is the 2nd largest city in Tibet. The place is dated to the ancient Tashihunpo, which is home to the world’s largest bronze Maitreya statue.

Yangbajain Hot Springs and Namtso Salt Lake: To get to these 2 locations, you can take a motorbike, car or bus to visit the scenery here.
Monasteries and Zen monasteries such as: Rabye Ling Monastery, Dzongchen Monastery, Drepung Monastery … If you have the opportunity to tour China – Tibet, you should not miss visiting the monks.
Visiting the Himalayas and Mount Everest by plane is also an exciting experience for you when traveling to Tibet.

What to eat when traveling to Tibet should eat?

Tibetan cuisine is diverse, mainly meat but very few vegetables, fruits. Some of the most typical dishes to mention are: Tsamba cake, avocado tea, mushrooms and Tibetan wine …. If you are not familiar with strange foods you should bring canned food, dry food for convenience.