Venue for Mid-Autumn Festival in Hanoi and Saigon 2019


Old Town, Hanoi is a famous entertainment venue in Hanoi. On every mid-August occasion, along the old streets of Hanoi such as Hang Ma, Hang Dao or Dong Xuan market, the colors of the Mid-Autumn items, the traditional folk festivals take place, the place to buy Shopping, attractive photos of the Mid-Autumn Festival.


The Trade Center

In these days, interesting places not to be missed are commercial centers which are always crowded with people, such as Vincom such as Royal City, Times City, Vincom Ba Trieu or Trang Tien Plaza and KeangNam area.

Destination cannot be missed when playing Mid-Autumn Festival in Hanoi. Places to go to Mid-Autumn Festival in Hanoi are famous, the cheapest price
Trade centers are a favorite destination for the Mid-Autumn Festival
West Lake Park

On these days at the West Lake water park, which is brightly decorated, shimmering of lanterns hanging around the park. In particular, there are large five fruit tray and many delicious fruits, fruit cakes are arranged and decorated extremely beautifully. Ho Tay Water Park is a destination that cannot be missed when playing Mid-Autumn Festival.

West Lake Park – A famous mid-autumn playing venue in Hanoi. Where should I go to play Mid-Autumn Festival in Hanoi?
West Lake Park
Museum of Ethnography

The Museum of Ethnology is an interesting place for children to play during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and every year there are many exciting activities to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival. Here, you can not only participate in squeezing fruit with soil, making lights to pull troops, trimming and displaying five fruits but also learn more about the unique traditional culture of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Market night the old town

Walking around the old town night market is an interesting thing not to be missed, the weekly market on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday every week. On Hang Duong Street, Hang Ngang Street, Hang Dao Street, Hang Khoai Street, Hang Giay Street, you can sell all kinds of goods, rustic dishes and many other interesting services, which are affordable. Walking around the streets of the old town is an interesting place for the Mid-Autumn Festival of many young people.

Some places have fun playing Mid-Autumn Festival in Saigon
Street Lantern Study

Where to play the Mid-Autumn Festival? Dubbed the “Lantern Paradise”, Nhự Hoc lantern street is located on Tran Hung Dao Street – Luong Nhu Hoc, District 5, HCMC. In the early days of September, Luong Nhu Street was bustling with hundreds of lantern models with different shapes and sizes. In particular, coming here you will enjoy Chinese dishes with affordable prices and delight in taking photos.

Some places have fun playing Mid-Autumn Festival in Saigon. Where should the Mid-Autumn Festival be in Saigon?
Street Lantern Study
semicircle lake

Famous for peaceful space and beautiful houses. It is possible to stroll the park next to the river or walk to the Starlight Bridge or go around behind the Crescent Lake to play a strong feeling … Especially, next to the Crescent, is the beautiful TajmaSago castle built according to the ant Tajma cathedral, one of the wonders of the world.

Dam Sen and Suoi Tien

The two most famous amusement parks in Saigon, during the Mid-Autumn Festival there are decorated and organized unique games and festivals suitable for all ages. Moreover, this is an area that is quite wide, very suitable for watching the moon.

Where to play the Mid-Autumn Festival? Where to play Mid-Autumn Festival in Hanoi and Saigon?
Dam Sen and Suoi Tien
Binh Quoi Tourist Area

It often organizes a Mid-Autumn festival buffet with interesting activities such as: Giving mid-autumn lanterns, breaking the decks – procession with Ms Hang and uncle Cuoi, folk games with winning lottery gifts and lots reward and watch the moon.

See drop flower lights posted. Mid-autumn playing venues in Hanoi and Saigon are the most famous and attractive
See drop flower lights posted
See drop flower lights posted

Le Thi Rieng Park, Cong Ly Bridge, Dam Sen Park, Thanh Da – Binh Quoi Park have long been known as a meeting place to drop flowers, these are places with large spaces, many trees suitable for sight-seeing. extremely ideal moon